So what is kaam?

kaam is a social gaming app that lets you \”tag\” real world objects with virtual markers called \”hotspots\”. These hotspots can be seen by other kaam players through the viewfinder of their smartphone or tablet. Hotspots can be as simple as a hashtag, a link to a photo or webpage, or a detailed message for other kamm players. Hotspots can be placed on objects as small as 12 inches across and as close as 3 feet apart, so a single location (store, park, building, etc.) can host dozens — or even hundreds — of tagged objects.

Things you can do with kaam

Because kaam isn\’t just about \”checking in\” or marking a whole location, there\’s lots of cool stuff you can do with the app.

  • Show where you\’ve been – Not just places, but specific stuff like restaurant booths, park benches, parking spots, whatever you want — as long as it\’s in a fixed location and more than 12 inches across, you can add a hotspot to it.
  • Make a virtual bulletin board – Use kaam to create a hotspot on your fridge, a wall, the sidewalk, whatever. Your friends can see it and leave their own messages.
  • Create and play games – Remember playground games like tag, hide-n-seek, and scavenger hunt? Kaam lets you do that too! Hotspots can be clues, links to other spots, secret messages and so on. Have fun challenging others.
  • Create virtual tours – Use kaam to create virtual tours of museums, walking tours of parks, tourist spots, and so on. Each hotspot you make can be a detailed message about the tagged object as well as links to photos and webpages with more information.
  • Educate someone – know something about an object or a spot? Create a hotspot and share the information with other kaam players.
  • Discover hidden treasure – Businesses can create hotspots with discount offers, free stuff, coupons, rewards and so on. Use kaam to discover what\’s waiting for you.

Obviously there\’s lots of possibilities for fun and adventure with kaam. What what you do with it is pretty much up to your imagination.

How can I share and discover kaam hotspots?

The kaam app connects to popular social media services like Twitter, Facebook and Google+, so you can share all your kaam activities with friends and family quickly and easily. To see the hotspots you create, your connections will need to have kaam installed on their own device. If they\’re not a kaam player, they\’ll still be able to see your activity as regular old status updates.

I have an idea for an AR-based game. Can I use kaam to build it?

Building your own simple games (scavenger hunts, tours, mystery games, you name it) and applications with kaam is really easy — all you have to do is add your hotspots and give your players the rules. If you\’ve got something more elaborate in mind, we also have an API that lets you extend kaam\’s functionality. For more information, you can inquire about our developer toolkit.

What I need to get kaam?

kaam is available for Android and IOS (iPhone/iPad) devices. Currently it\’s in an invitation-only beta test. If you\’d like and invitation, please sign up here, and we\’ll contact you with more information.

What the heck does kaam mean?

kaam is short for \”Kerosene and a Match\”, which is actually the name of our company. Founded in 2009, we originally developed software tools that let smartphones do high-powered computing stuff like image-based search and visual analysis connected to GPS locations. This work led us into augmented reality display development (think \”terminator vision\” for your smartphone) and eventually gave us the app. We called it \”kaam\” because we\’re too lazy to spell \”Kerosene and a Match\” every time.

And who are you guys?

We\’re an experienced team of software entrepreneurs who\’ve worked together at a number of start-ups. We\’re based in Orange County, California. You can read more about the team here.

Who are your investors?

We funded Kaam out of our own pockets and with the help of some angel investors. Right now we\’re working on a new round of funding, so if you\’re interested in investing in something really cool, please contact us.